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Outsourced, Scalable, and Fully Automated Retail Outreach.

Proprietary Software + Automation = Seamless Integration into your Brand Operations.
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Our Process

We do the Work - Your Products Get Placed in Brick & Mortar Retail.

Software Suite

Our technology is built on keyword searches to identify relevant businesses and verify contact information at scale. We prioritize personal Owner, or Decision Maker contact information.


Leveraging our in-house automation dashboard we can scale retail outreach to thousands of stores nationwide in a matter of weeks.
Profitable Foundation for Growth

Profitability is Hard to Come by.

Paid acquisition is only getting harder. Retail partners provide a foundation of consistent sales with a guaranteed margin.
Passive and Efficient

Outreach is Time Consuming & Tedious.

Traditional retail outreach is broken. It is tedious and generally ineffective. We automate outreach effectively to create successful and lasting partnerships.
The Deals are all Yours!

Wholesale & Retail Brokers Want a Cut.

The traditional broker model is inefficient, limited by geography and impacts profitability. We want you to own the relationships we cultivate.

“Working with Retail Racer has been great. We cultivated 12 retail partnerships in the first 60 days.”

Spencer Shapiro
Founder @ Orli
"The amount of meetings booked with retailers in our first month was far more than we expected!"
Taylor Borenstein - Founder @ Stakt Mat
"The ability to geographically target corresponding to our regional Whole Foods roll out was a perfect fit for us."
Jamie Biselman - Founder @ Bessties
"Retail Racer has replaced a full time sales person on our team. Incredible service."
Ross Goodhart - Founder @ Jupiter

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